Charlie’s Plumbing Team Member Testimonials

Simply put, the Charlie’s Plumbing team is strong. From the helpers learning about our trade to the master plumbers who set our standard, everyone in our brotherhood takes their role seriously. Together, we’ve been able to work more jobs and make more money – which is shared with everyone. Seriously, what other company do you know of that shares its additional profits with their employees?

At Charlie’s, we all contribute and we all reap the benefits. We’re driven to be better than we were yesterday, and if you’ve got the grit, we want you on our team.


"I started plumbing in 1978 and worked for many companies, but never another one that valued their employees more than Charlie’s Plumbing does. They realize we are the ones out in the field hustling and keeping the company going. They have 401(k) plans, insurance, a bonus program, paid vacations and other benefits for us.

Another thing I like is that Charlie’s Plumbing is very organized and follows procedures to keep everyone on the same page. Our jobs are 100 times easier and we’re more efficient because we know what’s going on before we get to the job."

"I love working at Charlie’s Plumbing. Everybody who works here likes it. In fact, I work with a helper who just started, and he tells me he doesn’t want to work anywhere else ever. We get the supplies we need for the jobs and everything we need to be safe. They even give us good vans, a cell phone, a credit card to Home Depot and a gas card. Plus, the average pay is higher than most companies. Merrill also started a game we play. We decide on things to do better for the company and then watch the profits go up. Instead of keeping all those profits, Merrill shares them with us. It’s pretty awesome."
“I’ve been at Charlie’s for two years, but have been plumbing for over 10 years, primarily in the residential construction industry. I made the change to work at Charlie’s because of the pay and all the benefits. They offer more than 40-hours a week, so we can make money and provide for our families. Plus, there are quarterly bonus based on the production which is a really big plus. Merrill takes care of us and hands us back some of the revenue we make. There’s also affordable healthcare insurance and free dental and vision insurance. Helpers and plumbers also get a take-home vehicle. I have barely put five thousand miles on a new truck I bought last year! Dispatch is also great. The whole company is family oriented and they understand you and work with you. We are on call one day a week and one weekend a month, while at other companies you’re on call for weeks at a time. They take that stress off of us. Plus, every time we go on call on the weekend, we get a $100 bonus.
“I’ve been at Charlie’s for two years and I made the move because of management. At Charlie’s Plumbing, you’re not just a number, you’re a human being. What I love the most is that I get to be myself as a plumber. It feels nice to get up and go to work every morning. I also love that we’re a team and we work well together. We can call each other if we’re stuck and know that the person we call has been there and can help us out. Charlie’s also gives us bonuses while most other companies don’t do that. Merrill shows us the numbers, so we can see how we’re doing as a company which motivates us to get better and learn more. They also offer benefits that a lot of people wish they had. I’ve been a plumber for over 13 years and Charlie’s is the best place I’ve ever worked and I’m not going anywhere.”
“There’s a great family atmosphere at Charlie’s. Everybody wants to be here and wants to participate and do their jobs to the best of their ability, which is hard to come by at other companies. There’s never a day I dread coming to work. This is the first company where I haven’t felt that way. All our tools are top notch and we procure any new technologies to use on jobs. We can also rent tools from our warehouse, so we don’t have to go outside for much. I don’t think there’s many companies that can compete with us. I have been at Charlie’s for about a year and although I knew of their reputation from guys that worked here, I actually decided this was the place to work during the interview process. The general manager and owner put into perspective that is the place I needed to be. It was an easy sell once they started to talk about where the company was growing in the industry.”
I was working for another local plumbing company when I began to have doubts about my future. After owning my own plumbing company for over 10 years, I knew how important it was for planning, which is what impressed me about Charlie’s the most. The entire team thinks about the future of the company and themselves, and no one has to worry about room for growth. If another master plumber was having doubts about continuing running his own business, I’d tell him to join Charlie’s. Being part of the team takes away a lot of responsibilities that small business owners have to deal with, and there’s great pay and benefits.
When I decided to close my own business, I asked around to find who was the best company to work for. Everyone said Charlie’s. I like the people and working atmosphere. Really, the can-do attitude has made me stay. I’d tell anyone that at Charlie’s, you’re paid for what you’re worth and what you can do. There’s also always different work, which keeps me engaged.
I got a letter in the mail from Charlie’s when I owned my small plumbing business. It said pay was good and they offered a 401k and medical and dental insurance. I spoke to my wife about it because I didn’t have any insurance since I was working for myself. I decided to talk with Doug and explained what the jobs I’ve done and what my skills were, and he hired me on the spot. For me now, the stress of owning my own business was killing me. I didn’t always take home a check because I had to pay out-of-pocket for material or to pay my guys. I also had to chase people to collect and sometimes I’d get paid and sometimes I wouldn’t. It was a headache. Working for Charlie’s, I’m getting a guaranteed paycheck every week and the stress is completely gone. I even told a buddy of mine to stop struggling, close the business and come work for Charlie’s.
I started my career at Charlie’s over 12 years ago and I’m still here because it’s a good, family-oriented company. Charlie’s is a company that will help you with whatever you need. They even encouraged me to get my Master Plumber’s license. We’re always busy and you can get paid as much as you want. As a team leader, I’ve heard about other companies and nothing compares to Charlie’s.


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